Meet Horizon House

Let’s get to know Horizon House a little bit more

Horizon House is a full-service agency that connects individuals experiencing homelessness with integrated, comprehensive services. We provide a safe place and basic services as they take steps towards a more stable life. Horizon House is committed to reflecting and valuing the diversity of the Indianapolis community, and focusing on inclusivity as we extend hospitality, respect and dignity to all people in every aspect of our operation. We believe that individual diversity is valuable, and we seek to reach beyond stereotypes. We cultivate trust by treating a person holistically and providing them dignity, hospitality, and respect truly ending homelessness one person at a time.

Question & Answer

How many years has Horizon House been serving the Indianapolis community?


Describe the impact Horizon House has on the community.

Horizon House is the leading provider of day services to our homeless neighbors in Indianapolis. Through street outreach, case management, providing for basic needs, and permanent supportive housing, we end homelessness; one person at a time.

What kind of impact would a $10,000 donation from Indyfluence have on your organizations right now?

Horizon House is funded through various revenue streams. Many of those are designated funds that can only be used in very specific ways. If awarded this $10,000, Horizon House would add these funds to our undesignated funds. This allows us to respond quickly to the needs of those we serve. This might include bus passes, direct assistance, or like when COVID hit, we rapidly needed to purchase food, water, and personal protective equipment.

Talk about the culture of giving you have seen throughout the entire Indy community.

Overall, Indianapolis is a very generous community. I believe that generosity exists in many forms here. There are incredible volunteers that invest hours volunteering or through board participation. There are those who give out of their wealth through community foundations to support entire programs. There are also a large number of people who give regularly in small amounts. A beautiful example of this is that we have a former neighbor who walks to Horizon House once a month to make a cash donation. He is now giving $100 per month. That equals $1200 per year and actually puts him in a major donor category!

What haven’t we covered that you want the Indyfluence interns to know about Horizon House?

Horizon House has a unique role in Indianapolis. We have long set the standard in street outreach and quality day services. In the last few years, we built the permanent supportive housing program from scratch, and it was recognized as a model program in 2019. In 2021, we are leaning into the supported housing model with an apartment building, helping to address the affordable housing crisis. When the city asks for innovative responses to the obstacles in front of our community, Horizon House continually steps up to participate in solutions.