A spread of vegan and vegetarian dishes from the Public Greens restaurant

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Or maybe just feeling like a lighter lunch today? Indianapolis is home to many beloved restaurants that specialize in healthy, plant-based cuisine. From grain bowls to veggie wraps, these eateries offer a wide variety of meat-free meals for the conscientious diner—with fresh greens and a delicious taste.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants around Indianapolis. So, next time you’re looking to dine out or order in, check out one of our favorite places to grab a bite. Whether you’re vegan for life, starting a new diet, or just want to try something new, these restaurants are great spots for a meatless munch.

1. Ezra’s Enlightened Café

A fresh bowl of greens and veggies from Ezra's Enlightened Cafe

Looking for food that makes you feel good? Ezra’s Enlightened Café is all about eating green, healthy foods that put your physical and spiritual wellness first. All of their meals are GMO-free, gluten-free, and almost entirely vegan, with the exception of raw, sustainably sourced honey from local bees. (But if honey isn’t your jam, just avoid the meals with a little bee next to them on the menu!)

Ezra’s also strives to be as green and organic as possible. They use recyclable packaging, compost their scraps, and source the majority of their ingredients from local, organic farmers. They even started their own urban farm to grow fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs for their recipes. Talk about farm-to-table goodness!

Must order: Chili Chocolate Granola Bowl


2. Three Carrots

A meal from the Three Carrots restaurant

Down in Fountain Square, Three Carrots is a 100% vegan restaurant that serves modern, plant-based versions of classic American dishes. The majority of their meals use seitan as a substitute for meat-based proteins. (For the uninitiated, that’s a high-protein food made of wheat gluten!) But you may not even notice the difference, especially with their house garlic-herb or buffalo sauces!

From sandwiches to BBQ, they offer a beautiful mixture of comfort foods and fresh veggies, always cooked to perfection. We recommend starting with their nachos, which comes with a must-try cashew cream. And for dessert, you can’t miss their rotating cakes and bakery specialties!

Must order: Buffalo Mac & Cheese


3. Public Greens

Photo of the exterior of the Public Greens restaurant

Inspired by traditional farm markets, Public Greens serves locally grown produce and humanely raised proteins in healthy, nutritious meals. Many of their crops were grown right at the Public Greens microfarm—giving you the freshest farm-to-table dining! Public Greens offers both vegetarian and non-veg dishes as well as vegan and gluten-free options. So, there’s something for everyone!

Best of all, Public Greens donates their profits and crops directly to the Patachou Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to fighting food insecurity and feeding children in our community. So, your meal helps give back and ensure that kids get the healthy meals they need to grow strong.

Must order: Vegan Chili


4. Tlaolli

Photo of the exterior of the Tlaolli restaurant

Craving some good, old-fashioned Mexican food? Tlaolli brings the powerful flavors of Mexican cuisine and makes it healthy, delicious, and vegan-friendly. They’ve reinvented recipes to use heart-healthy olive oil instead of lard, while still tasting like the traditional tamales we know and love.

From tacos to soups, Tlaolli’s menu offers tasty, seasoned dishes with tofu, soy chorizo, and fresh vegetables. Some of their dishes are non-vegetarian, so be sure to check the menu! But they offer lots of gluten-free and plant-based options for vegans and vegetarians alike. Their vegan chocolate cake alone is absolutely worth the trip!

Must order: Hibiscus Taco


5. 3 Sisters Café

Omelette from the 3 Sisters Cafe

It’s time for brunch! The 3 Sisters Café in Broad Ripple has been one of Indy’s most popular breakfast spots for over 20 years—and they were even featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! While their menu offers plenty of options for meat lovers, they’re best known for their fresh vegetarian breakfasts.

With tasty meals like lemon corncakes and vegetarian beer biscuits, 3 Sisters Café is a great way to start your day. And if you go for lunch, be sure to try some of their “Not Meaty” sandwiches with house-made bean patties, grilled veggies, and a side of kale. Top off your meal with a fruit smoothie, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed!

Must order: Build-Your-Own Tofu Scramble


6. The Garden Table

Table full of dishes and juices from The Garden Table restaurant

The Garden Table is your home for locally sourced vegetarian food and freshly pressed juice! As a farm-to-table restaurant, they care most about using natural ingredients in all of their dishes. So, they hand pick all of their local partners and the farmers who supply their food. (You can even check out a list of their purveyors on their website!)

Their brunch menu offers a modern array of bowls, salads, and sandwiches, including vegetarian Beyond burgers with the house fries. And, of course, the Garden Table has an array of teas, coffees, and cold-pressed juices that are perfect for a health boost or a detoxifying cleanse.

Must order: Açaí Bowl


7. 10th Street Diner

Photo of a vegan burger from 10th Street Diner

Don’t let their menu fool you! The 10th Street Diner might serve meals like chicken and waffles, fish and chips, chicken pot pie, and lasagna. But their entire menu is 100% vegan, offering plant-based alternatives to all your favorite comfort foods. This family-owned restaurant first opened back in 2019, but it’s already grown to be a local favorite.

From BLTs to BBQ ribs, they offer a variety of sandwiches for lunch and hearty Midwestern entrees for dinner. And their menu changes every day, so each visit will bring something new to the table! Just be sure to check their Facebook page for any updates and new dishes.

Must order: Seitan Wings


8. The Cul de Sac Kitchen

A sandwich with a side of greens from the Cul de Sac Kitchen

The Cul de Sac Kitchen is a Black-owned, all-vegan restaurant on the eastside of Indianapolis inside Plaza Urbana. They offer burgers, wraps, loaded fries and nachos, and other foods with a rich blend of fresh vegetables and plant-based meats. One of their specialties include gyro burgers made with walnut meat veggie patties, vegan cheese, and house-made cucumber sauce.

The Cul de Sac first opened in 2020, but their business and reputation for good eating is growing day by day. Be sure to check them out for their special Soul Food Sundays with food like mac and cheese, candied yams, and chicken-less chicken made of fried oyster mushrooms and portobello strips!

Must order: Veggie Sausage Stir Fry


9. Bazbeaux Pizza

A fresh pizza from Bazbeaux Pizza

No restaurant list is complete without at least one good pizza parlor! And Bazbeaux Pizza is one of the best local pies in Indy, with three different locations across the region. During the week, you can stop in for lunch and grab some pizza by the slice. And all locations have outdoor seating so you can enjoy their pizza on the patio.

But most importantly, all of Bazbeaux’s crust options are vegan, and any pizza can be ordered vegan! You can choose from a variety of original house pizzas or create your own from their list of artisanal toppings. So, grab some friends and get ready to enjoy pizza night again!

Must order: Vegan Garden Pizza


10. Broad Ripple Brewpub 

Photo of the exterior of the Broad Ripple Brewpub

If you’re looking for a night out at the pub, there’s nowhere better than the Broad Ripple Brewpub! It’s the oldest operating brewery in the state and Indiana’s first brewpub, a restaurant that brews its own beer. And unlike many bars and pubs, they offer a wide variety of vegan dishes for all the non-meat eaters out there!

While sipping your drinks, you can dine on black bean burgers, vegan quesadillas, seitan tenders, vegan pastas, and so much more. From baked falafel to roasted nut burgers, there are options for every taste and every craving—so grab a pint and pick your pairing!

Must order: Buffalo Vegan Tenderloin Wrap


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