Whether you’re a lifetime resident or just passing through, Indianapolis has many secrets you probably don’t know. From world record-sized facilities to historic celebrity performances, there is always something new you can uncover about Indianapolis. Dive into this list for some of the most interesting facts we found about Indy… we think you’ll learn something new.

Indianapolis: It’s more than just corn and race cars. 


The greatest thing since sliced bread? You’d never guess that this phenomenon was invented right here in Indianapolis. In 1921, the Taggart Baking Company launched Wonder Bread. The Indianapolis branch was the first place to ever start selling pre-sliced loaves of bread. But that level of innovation is nothing new to Indy.

#2. Monument Circle haS a VERY specific design

If you’ve ever been to Monument Circle in the center of Indianapolis, you know how beautiful and bright it looks at all times of the day. Did you know that along the circle, no building is permitted to be taller than 8 stories? This allows sunlight to enter from the east as soon as possible, so we get to see the sparkling water and monument all day long. 

#3. The SlipperY Noodle Bar has a unique history

The Slippery Noodle Bar in Indianapolis is over a century and a half old, but its history doesn’t just stop there. This bar served as a stop on the Underground Railroad and was frequented by gangsters during Prohibition. If you look closely, you can even find bullets lodged in the walls from their target practice. Ask the staff there for a tour, and if you’re lucky, you might get to see even more hidden parts of the building. 

#4. Indianapolis was the last stop on Elvis Presley’s tour

Elvis Presley’s very last performance was in Indianapolis. In 1977, three months before his death, The King performed at the now-demolished Market Square Arena. This was the last concert he ever gave. 

#5. There’s a reason Indy is known as the Crossroads of America

Many people know Indianapolis by its loving nickname, the Crossroads of America. Indy backs this name with six interstate highways crossing through downtown. It’s practically a roadtripper’s dream—with straight shots to Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, and more. Bonus fact: if you want to venture even further, Conde Nast has voted our airport best in North America for five years strong.

#6. Indy is home to the largest sports facility in the world

Everyone knows the Indy 500 is the “greatest spectacle in racing.” But did you know the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is literally the largest sports facility in the WORLD? The 253-acre space can hold more than 600,000 people! Along with the Indy 500, part of the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (the biggest half marathon in the U.S.) occurs on this track. 

#7. Our Children’s Museum is known worldwide

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has gained a lot of notoriety since its opening in 1925. It’s the largest children’s museum in the world at 472,900 square feet and five floors of exhibits. This Indy landmark receives more than 1.2 million visitors a year. The museum was also selected as just one of 11 locations in the U.S. to receive a sapling from the chestnut tree outside Anne Frank’s hiding spot that stood as a symbol of hope. These 11 locations were chosen based on a commitment to equality, demonstration of the consequences of intolerance, or historical significance to civil rights and social justice.

#8. The Indianapolis Zoo has also gained national attention

The Indianapolis Zoo is the only zoo in the country to be accredited as a zoo, an aquarium, and a botanical garden by the relevant organizations. Whether you’re traipsing through the hot, dry Plains area, the mysterious underwater Oceans, or the breathtaking White River Gardens, the Indianapolis Zoo is sure to please. 

#9. Indy is nationally ranked for our job market

Glassdoor ranks Indianapolis as #16 on their list of Top 25 cities for jobs. The city’s job market has emerged as a business-friendly hub for tech startups, and more than 90 national companies have their headquarters here, including Eli Lilly and the NCAA. Indy is a great place for you to continue your career or even try out a new professional path. 

#10. Indianapolis is AFFORDABLE and has an amazing community

Indianapolis is one of the most affordable big cities in the country. The overall cost of living here is about 12% below the national average! According to Forbes magazine, we are the cheapest place to rent and the second most affordable city in the country. It’s also important to note that for these great prices, you’re becoming a part of an incredible community with so many unique neighborhoods and walkable attractions. So, with all of the money you’re saving in rent, you can check out these attractions and get plugged into the community!

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