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When I say Camp, you say IndyHub!

Did you have summer camp plans that got cancelled? Well, maybe not, because you’re an adult, but I have a perfect alternative for you anyways! IndyHub is putting on amazing programming for the entire month of July. It’s all centered around getting to explore the amazing culture, history, social scene, and cool parts of Indy. If you’re an intern who was supposed to be in Indianapolis this summer but had to stay home, this is a great opportunity for you to get a glimpse of what life in the 317 is like!

There’s something happening for Camp IndyHub every single day of the week. The lineup of programming includes: Mess Hall Monday and Morning Wake Up Call on Monday, Camp Games and Around the Campfire on Tuesday, Friendship Bracelets and Raise the Bar on Wednesday, Morning Mood Booster on Thursday, and Explore Indy on Friday.

I joined in on Camp IndyHub for this past week and, of course, documented my experiences. I didn’t get a chance to participate in every event—trust me, there’s a lot—but I loved everything I did get to do!

Get the full rundown on all the events and register here: https://indyhub.org/program/camp-indyhub/

Mess Hall Monday: Pasta Carbonara with Neal Brown

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight fear of cooking. Things tend to go wrong for me in the kitchen, but nonetheless, I was excited to learn a new dish from one of Indy’s biggest chefs. 

The structure of this was a Zoom call where we all got to interact with Neal as he walked us through creating the dish step by step. As someone who has attempted to follow along those Buzzfeed cooking videos many times, I can confidently say that this was SO much better. Everything happened in real time, and you could even stop him to ask questions if you got lost! (I know I did.) 

And wow, this might have been the best meal I’ve ever made! (See video above. I mean, c’mon, look at that pasta twirl!) Plus, all the ingredients were super simple items I already had in my pantry. I felt like I was taking a real-life cooking class from the comfort of my own kitchen. This was a great activity with an even better payoff, and I will definitely be participating again next week. 

Raise the Bar: Blackberry Mojito with Hotel Tango

As a fresh 21-year-old, my experience with making actual cocktails is on the low end of the scale. I’ve succumbed to choosing a lukewarm, flat White Claw over attempting to shake something up myself more times than I would like to admit. 

In this series, some of Indy’s best mixologists teamed up with IndyHub to lead virtual classes on crafting the perfect cocktail. Just like Mess Hall, it was step by step and in real time. I made a blackberry mojito with Thomas Hartman from Hotel Tango Distillery. The drink was delicious, fresh, and most importantly: it tasted fancy, and I made it myself. 

I was a little worried about my lack of knowledge regarding different cocktail-making tools (Is that the correct industry term?), but Thomas explained everything perfectly and even gave alternative options if you didn’t have the proper supplies. I also learned a lot about mixology throughout the class. Did you know you’re supposed to smack the herbs you use in your drink to “get the oils out?” Apparently that’s fairly common knowledge, but hey, I learned something. My drink actually turned out great, and I was so excited about it I genuinely considered switching career paths to bartending for a second. 

Graduating from canned seltzers to this blackberry mojito was a milestone for me, and I would definitely recommend this series to anyone looking to up their cocktail game. Plus, it was totally Insta-worthy. 

Around the Campfire: Live Concert with J. Elliott at The Vogue 

One of my all-time favorite things about Indianapolis is all of the different live music venues. I consider myself an avid concert-goer, especially in the summer season. Obviously, this summer has been quite different, and I’ve been missing the feeling of ringing ears and packed crowds. 

Around the Campfire showcases different local artists, history gurus, and cultural experts for a virtual show. The best part? Everyone has a front row seat! I tuned into local singer-songwriter J. Elliott’s show at The Vogue. It was so refreshing to hear some live music and see venues being used again. Being able to kick back and enjoy a live performance was just what my Tuesday needed. 

Throughout the month, Around the Campfire is going to have even more unique shows. We’re talking ghost stories and improv classes. This series is a great way to get back into some of Indy’s best experiences that we’ve all been missing. Plus, did I mention it’s free? Goodbye, piles of ticket fees!

And so much more!

In my free time, it was so simple to browse some of the other series. Most of them exist on IndyHub’s blog or Facebook page, so I found myself scrolling through content during my downtime. There are posts exploring different parks in Indy, drills taught by people from the Indianapolis Colts, and science-backed mental health tips. I didn’t even scratch the surface of all the different programming in this blog, so I urge you to check some out yourself. It’s a great way to get to know Indianapolis, have some fun, and pick up new skills along the way. Catch me making pasta carbonara with a blackberry mojito every day for the next year. I had such a great time experiencing my city virtually, and I can’t wait to learn even more throughout the rest of the month.

I’ll see you on the campgrounds!

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