There are many black-owned restaurants and businesses located in Indianapolis and the surrounding community. Supporting these entrepreneurs doesn’t just give you access to great products, it helps Indiana continue to evolve into the inclusive, dynamic, and diverse place it is meant to be. We’ve compiled a list of some of these businesses and organized them by places for food, drink, or fitness. We hope you stop by one of these amazing spots during your next lunch break!

We’ve only highlighted a couple businesses here, but we urge you to check out this website, Shop Black Indy, to discover more. This database is organized by places, services, and events – all black-owned. It’s regularly updated with hundreds of businesses in the Indy area across all kinds of industries.

For Food: 

1. Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles

Located in the Indianapolis City Market, this family-owned spot has become a staple of Indianapolis cuisine. The food is a culmination of years of family recipes and traditions passed down from Ollie and Maxine Bunnell to their children and grandchildren. Their mission is to provide “a taste of love in every bite,” and their menu never fails to deliver just that. They serve up quality ingredients, generous servings, and unique Southern flavor. And if you really want a taste of the south, order the chicken wings or the fried green tomatoes!

2. The Block Bistro & Grill

The Block was founded by restaurateur Terry Anthony back in 2015. Their menu brings a fresh take on some of America’s classic dishes. Even the names of the food have a creative spin! The Block refers to their signature nachos as Blachos and allows you to top them off with a savory meat of your choice. Their wings are also called “Boomerangs” and have been a crowd favorite since the restaurant first opened. Just make sure you try them out with some of the more unique flavors such as sweet chili or Jamaican Jerk. This restaurant is located right around the corner from Monument Circle in the heart of downtown Indy. It was named after the historic building it was built in—the William H. Block building. So, not only can you enjoy great food, but you can also surround yourself with a piece of Indy’s history!

3. Pi Indy

Pi Indy is a food truck that serves the Central Indiana region. The menu consists of traditional pizzas as well as more unique creations like a fig pizza or a corn pie. The owner Lawrence Scully shops at local farmers’ markets for his produce, so you know the ingredients are always fresh. The food truck’s location can be found by checking their social media. The one-of-a-kind truck was redesigned so one of the sides is entirely glass and customers can watch the chef craft their pies. No matter where you go to grab a slice, you can’t go wrong with these pizzas.

4. Bar-B-Q Heaven

Bar-B-Q Heaven is an Indianapolis barbecue restaurant that’s been around since 1952. Owner Ronald F. Jones grew up learning the business and recipes from his parents, the previous owners of the spot, until he took over as president in 1975. They now have two locations in the downtown area for whenever you need some of Indy’s best ribs—you can even order some at Indianapolis Colts games! The business is also known for their heavy community involvement with organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW). When you eat here you can feel good about not just the great food but also the causes you’re supporting.

For Drink: 

5. Juice Remedy

6. Gordon’s Milkshake Bar

Owners Bradford and Crystal Usher both have a passion for cold-pressed juices and all the health benefits they provide our bodies. They recognized how many people in the community relied on medications or other drugs to remedy their ailments and decided to create Juice Remedy instead. This juicery has a menu filled with different drinks for hydration, detoxing, and more. Each juice is filled with fruits, vegetables, nutrients, antioxidants, and a whole lot of love! When you need a pick-me-up, this juicery is located in Indianapolis and ships throughout the area.

Located right on Mass Ave, this place is known for having a line of customers out the door. These giant shakes are notorious for their hefty serving of whipped cream and the beautiful swirls that make for an Instagrammable moment. The menu is filled with unique shake flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake or Birthday Cake, and they offer many options for mix-ins so you can customize your own creation. You can even add alcohol or CBD to your milkshakes! If you’re looking for a side to go with your milkshake, may we suggest the ice cream nachos?

7. Sip & Share Wines

Sip & Share Wines is a boutique winery that ships to Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. They specialize in delivering a diverse range of artisanal vegan wines. It’s the business you didn’t even know you needed, right? The founder and winemaker Nicole Kearney was named one of the top 40 African-American Tastemakers. She was inspired by the conversations she used to have in graduate school with different writers and poets all over glasses of wine they sipped on together. Her business strives to create community through wine, especially for the people overlooked and underrepresented in the wine industry. With good drinks, good people, and good conversation, what more could you need?

For Fitness: 

8. Sweattboxx Wellness

Sweattboxx Wellness Center is a unique fitness center that offers a variety of classes, including private sessions, group classes, kids camps, and couples training. It is owned by husband and wife Daniel and Suzette Sweatt who are both certified personal and group trainers. They offer traditional strength and cardio training, but one thing that makes them unique is their SweatBounceFit classes with the Bounce Boots. This equipment provides a total body workout experience within the center’s friendly, comfortable environment. They use the Bounce Boots and their training expertise to host fun kids camps that educate children on the importance of healthy living. This place is perfect for your next sweat!

9. Rise House Fitness Studio

This cycling studio in Indianapolis combines amazing instructors, cool lighting, powerful music, and great energy to power you through an intense spin workout. Owner Shayna Sangster is a former Division I track and field athlete who teamed up with top tech companies to create the best cycling experience. Customers can track their performance and metrics in real-time so they can be their best every day! Riders here can expect a killer workout that’s so motivating it flies by. And the studio proudly celebrates diversity, from their staff and clientele to their workout playlists.

10. Capture Fitness

Capture Fitness began with the vision of providing clients with goal-based and personalized fitness experiences. Right in the heart of Indianapolis, this gym serves downtown residents with individualized programs that fit their needs. They offer personal sessions, group classes, and even nutrition counseling to help clients achieve their wellness goals. This is the place to go if you know what you want to achieve and you just need someone to help you do it!

Thank you for supporting these black-owned Indy businesses, and don’t forget to check out !

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